Monday, June 10, 2013

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I love taking pictures. I have my own DSLR so that on holiday I go to several places to enjoy my hobby. Last year I visited many places but two places was very memorable, so I want to introduce one picture for each places. The first photo was taken in Tanzania in the eastern Africa, and another one took place on Mapo Bridge in Seoul. Two photos show very different aspects of human life.


The first photo was taken when I was on missionary trip to a small town called Narungombe, located in the southwest side of Tanzania. We gave people some help for building a church, and performed for kids. I participated in that team for photographer and engineer. On that day on the photo, actually it was not that good day, because our generator was broken accidentally. The generator was so needed because almost every town outside the capital city had no electricity in Tanzania. When we were trying to fix it, there were already so many kids waiting for us to do something. So our guitarist started to perform. We gave them Jegi, colorful brushes used for Korean traditional game. Players should kick it as many as possible before they drop it. However, because the kids did not know the rule at all, they started to dance with our guitarist shaking and throwing them. Since we had brought several colors of Jegis, the scene was so beautiful and kids became much happier. The days was one of the most successful day for us even without the generator. When you look at the picture, you can see joyful kids face by face, and the harmony of colorful brushes. On the background, there is huge forest with very tall baobab trees. Taking this picture, I intended to show that the happiness is not that related with the progress of technology, but with optimism.


The second photo was on Mapo Bridge, well known for some dialogues printed on the banister. In the picture it says “Are you here alone?” Sun is falling down, so the atmosphere of the picture is little gloomy with the question. It was taken on the day before Chuseok, and that is why on the background the highway is crowded with vehicles. In addition, there are so many cars because you can go to Yeouido via this bridge, one of the most crowed places in Seoul. Mapo Bridge should be the crowded and vital place because it is made to be like that. However, as I intended to show from the picture, it is not like that at all. Even though there are so many cars and people on the bridge, no matter what happens, nobody cares. Seoul city put some dialogues on the banister to stop some people who comes the bridge to jump off to the river. Mapo Bridge is the place having the highest rate of suicide among bridges in Seoul.


Taking these pictures, I thought several times about the happiness, and the meaning of taking pictures. The photo contains several meanings by making people memorize only the moment of putting shutter. I want to take pictures making people think like that, and above all, making them happy. 

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