Sunday, June 2, 2013

Reaction Essay/ Yujin Song/ Tue 9am

Do you enjoy taking pictures? Today lots of people are interested in taking pictures. Some people take pictures to record their daily lives while others take pictures to deliver their thinking. There are various reasons why people take pictures, and the pictures create different atmosphere. The following two pictures, “Village School” and “Children’s Puppet Theatre,” are showing everyday life moments of children. The subjects of both photographs are children, but they are the good example of showing the different mood.


The children in the first photograph “Village School” seem to be stiff and nervous. Most of them are in short hair and staring at the camera with no facial expression. This makes me think they are under the strict instructions in the school. They are probably not encouraged to express their own thinking and feeling. Furthermore, they are in the same place but they do not communicate with each other. They seem to be ignorant to other children. As the children are arranged in an inverted triangle, the boy in the first row gets highlighted. He is lifting up his big round eyes toward the camera, not his head. He is both alert and curious.


On the other hand, the children in the second photograph “Children’s Puppet Theatre” are active and playful. They are expressing their feeling freely. The boy in the middle are stretching out his arm and shouting with excitement. The boy on the side is putting his hands on ears, and he may be afraid of what will happen in a few seconds. The kids on the other side are leaning together and one of them is showing curiosity on the show while the other is looking at the camera. All of the children do not hesitate to show their feeling so that the mood of the photograph is light and vibrant. Some children in the background are out of focus, but we know they are all having fun.


Although the two photographs are taking pictures of children, the moods are totally different. The children of “Village School” are arranged in an orderly manner, which makes the atmosphere gloomy and rigid. On the contrary, the children in “Children’s Puppet Theatre” are not standing in good order, but the mood is lighter and more playful as the facial expressions are various and straightforward. In addition, in “Village School,” the light shines only on the faces, which emphasizes the faces with blank expressions while the most part of “Children’s Puppet show” gets light, giving the bright atmosphere.


The two picture is similar but different. In “Village School,” children are stiff and they just remain still. They seem to be reluctant to show their feeling and they even don’t try to talk with others. Also, the light is only on the faces, they are highlighted much more. In contrast, the children in “Children’s Puppet Show” are more active and open. They feel free to show their feeling such as excitement and curiosity. Also, thanks to the dynamic facial expressions and light, the photograph is lively and bright. It is interesting that the same subjects can be captured in the very different way.


  1. I think you explained about the two photos well, but maybe a bit more personal thought on the details of the photos might have been interesting. To me the las two paragraph seem to be on a similar line of topic, so I wasn't sure why you divided them instead of making it one concise paragraph. Good overall :)

  2. From Kayeong Kim to Yujin Song

    1. First of all, you started essay very well. It doesn't have any hook sentence but it is enough to attract readers.

    2. You expressed your feelings which makes me feel similar as you. However, sometimes it's hard to imagine the photo with descriptions who made. If you add some colorful words or descriptive words, it would be better.

    3. The last part is very good. You sum up briefly.