Saturday, June 1, 2013

reaction essay/ahn sang-wook/tue 9 AM

Reaction Essay Ahn Sang-wook.


It is apparent that these two photos are completely different! The name of the first photo is "Village School" and that of the second photo is "Children's Puppet Theatre". The prompt emotion that I have is that first one looks gloomy on the contrary to the second one looks positive. These are overall mood of the two photos. Let's analyze the details of the photo: Each description of the photos and what is alike and what is disalike in the photos?


Firstly, In regard to the first photo, the overall atmosphere is quite gloomy and dark except for the fact that the photo is a black-and-white one. And we can witness the straightness of the photo. The boys, most of whom are wearing black clothes, are sitting on the chairs which are made of straight timbers, and the wall is made of straight timbers. The boys in the photo even sit on the chairs in a row. Moreover, the facial expressions of the boys are very monotonous. They literally have an expressionless face. Some of them are frowning at the photographer. However, most of them stare at the same direction without any vitality.


Secondly, when it comes to the second photo, we can feel much more energetic than the first photo which looks gloomy. This feeling is attributable to the bright and lively facial expression of the children compared to the first photo. It seems that they are extremely surprised after watching puppet theatre. Some of them are screaming at the front while a boy is closing his ears. We can see this on the left of the photo. Regarding the overall atmosphere, it is quite disorganized compared to the first photo. However, we can catch out the straight rebar on top of the children.


Finally, what is the similarity and differences between two photos? Both of them show children assembled in one place. In addition, there are straight things in common. However, there is an enormous difference between two photos. The first one looks really black, gloomy, and monotonous contrary to the second one which is relatively bright, energetic, and lively. I think a photographer wanted to emphasize the fact that children is differ based on where they are by presenting two contrasting photos.


   The first photo shows a gloomy aspect of children who are in the village school. This can be recognized through their expressionless face. On the contrary, the second photo shows a bright aspect of children who are out of classroom to watch puppet theatre. However, there are common things as well. The object of the photos is children who seem within same age group. And we can feel straight things as well.

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  1. It was very fun to read your writting. What I love your writing most is that you wrote active. your writing have power to make people to read. Your writing are divided into wonderful contents and also the first paragraph you start the paragraph into 'in regard to' and I think it is very good choice to choose that word. But there are also have to change a little bit. At your concluding paragraph it should be much better if you revise it so make it easy to understand.