Saturday, June 1, 2013

Se Jong Lee/ Reaction Essay/ Tues 9-11

Do you like taking photos or watching the photos? Photo is displaying many things. It not only shows the figures of itself but also implicative meanings. Photo's inner meanings are sometimes very profound. These two photos, "Village School" and "Children's Puppet Theatre" are also showing many things inside.

So let's look at the photo's itself. The first photo, 'Village School' is with children in the middle of the photo. They are looking at here. All of the boy's hair was cut and the children are all boys. In other photo, It is taken at the inside so the photos are very dark. "Children's Puppet theatre" are also mainly taking photos with children. The photo's perspective was clear that at the front of the boys were taken more detailed and less at the behind. The photo's are taken at the outside and looks very bright.  

So the both picture are taking children mainly, there are also very big difference. As everybody are easy to see, the first photo looks very gloomy mood and make feel sorrow. Children didn't show any expression. They have no expression and it shows like very sad. It looks like they are already experienced real life. It is showing like they are having hard time that day. It can portrait the devotion, but it can also show moderation or poverty.

At the next photo, "Children's Puppet Theatre" looks very bright. Every children's expression are exposed and every their face are different. Also it looks like they are cling to the front and it makes photo dynamic. Children have innocence of childhood itself so make people happy and bright. So the photo shows hope, peace, childhood, bright mood.

So photos are sometimes showing more than what we can only see. Sometimes they are show lots of things by mood or how they are taking in. As we saw both of the photos with same material but become very different how we take a photo. So these two pictures 'Village school' and 'Children's Puppet Theatre' are showing lots of difference.


  1. 1. Do you like taking photos or watching the photos? - I liked this hook.

    2. Yes, there are titles of two photos.

    3. perspective, behind

    4. I think the writer did.

    5. Maybe not. Just analyzing the second photo.

    6. it looks like they are cling to the front and it makes photo dynamic

    Using simile makes us imagine.

    7. Photos shows many things like mood, feelings. So it has a power to show more than what we can only see.

  2. Your opening is good. Some suggestion from me would be :

    - you may want to venture into a list of descriptive vocabularies to help you describe the children's faces.

    - you may also want to add in your thoughts or emotions when you look at this picture.

    Nicely written. Thank you for sharing.