Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hyein Shim/ timed writing/ tue 9am

Long time ago, in Korea, it was common to live with many families. Parents, grandparents, and 6-7 children lived together in a house. But in these days, it is difficult to find this kind of families. Because more and more countries are changing from traditional to modern life style.

             Firstly, there are many people who prefer public life to marriage. They just want to enjoy their lives by themselves. Because these kinds of people have their own job, have much money, they can fully enjoy with doing what they really want to do.

             Also, it takes too much money to feel children, so people who married tend to have just one or two kids. To educate and feed well one child, the parents need a lot of money.

             Because of these two reasons, the society is changing. Many countries and companies make shops and products for people who live alone or small families. For example, there is a fridge sized for one person. This kind of thing shows how the society changes.

             Nowadays, many nations around the world are changing to the modern life style, and many changes appear. Although living alone or with smaller families is good, people should remember the traditional life style also.

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