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 Human Respiratory System Works!


200801424 Park Hyunbae, EIT


  The respiration is very essential to all the living things. All animals in the earth need oxygen to be alive, so they must get oxygen and the respiration perform the key role for that. Human also need to respire to live on. Then let's get into how the human respiratory system works.


  Human respiratory system consists of lung, airway, thoracic cage, and respiratory muscle including diaphragm. The airway is connected from mouth and nose to lung. The lungs are contained in the thoracic cage. Over the cage, it is linked with the respiratory muscle that is very essential to breathe. Diaphragm is a kind of the muscle.


  At the first step where the respiratory system works, the respiratory muscle moves down. Then the thoracic cage expands to make the pressure inside lower so that the lungs stretch. Then the air flows into the lungs along the airway because of the differential of the pressure. And here is the place that "gas exchange" happens.


  It is not all that the air is inside the body. Air must be gas-exchanged. We human mainly need oxygen, not the entire air. In the air, there're lots of contents and oxygen is one of them. When air flows into lungs, innumerable alveoli of lungs get oxygen from the air and make it circulate over the entire body. When finally oxygen exhausts its function, carbon dioxide comes out. It is also gas-exchanged in the lungs to be released out of the body.


  The respiration is a vital activity to make human alive. But for this complex thing, we couldn't exist. Now we came to know that there happen many, complicated processes in the human respiratory system, and going further, maybe we would recognize how important our bodies and the environment are!

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