Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kayeong Kim / Timed Writing / Tue 9 a.m.

 Guess how is the average number of family members these days? Well, it seems most of people regard it as three or four. I can easily find that almost every family restaurant provide meals that suitable for three or four people. And even friends around me, they only have one sibling or they are an only child. I would like to state my own opinion in this situation.

 Before the Industry revolution, number of family members is very important since they were actual workers at home. Agriculture was common way for living and only few people made materials for their small town. However, modern industry has developed as manufacturing and servicing area. So people quickly gathered into town, making big city and became part of factories and stores. With this growth, technology developed a lot together including medical sectors, so that people could live longer than before. Family members were being apart, but also they get much time to live.

 Because there were much time to live, people got much education than before which provided much opportunities to achieve self-realization. People got interested in themselves, their ego – It changed the definition of success in life. People began to value personal stuffs like achieving goals of their life. More people regarded parenting as irritating work to get their individual purpose. Having a baby become an optional choice comparing with past when many babies regarded as a good sign of family.

 Moreover, as technology developed, we don't need to take much effort to work for basic things – mass production provided people to have spare time. Our desire went high to reach high quality of life. For living nicely, we need lots of things to afford to. It means that it is much effective way when we have smaller group compared with large group. We distribute much more to each person when we have small members. For the consequences, parents want few children to use the money in effective way. It makes our quality of life higher than before, but also makes us think only ourselves.

 Number of family members doesn't only mean its size. It affects our way of life – individualism. As our desire for self realization and good quality of life are growing, we are trying to catch things as much as we can. Sometimes we cannot see others due to these desires. Individualism is the biggest product of smaller family society.

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