Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ju Hye Choi / Happiness / Tues 9 AM

           Many people chase after beauty, money, status and fame thinking it will bring them happiness. But in time we learn that it is not really the answer to true happiness because it is like chasing after something that does not really matter or last. It is why some say happiness is doing what you want to do. Some say it is treasuring the moments with your friends and family. Some say it is laying on the grass on a sunny day listening to music. Some say it is watching a movie with someone special. However although these things do make us happy I have learned that what makes one really happy are the intangible things, the ones that people cannot take away from you.

           Spending time with friends and family can be very fun and exciting but you cannot be truly happy when there is no love. Imagine you are having fun with your friends right now and one of your friends is being very negative and narrow-minded. If you do not have love for your friend, you are most likely to ignore him or her, act like you are listening or become negative yourself. And that is not going to make you truly happy.

           Another thing is to be humble. No matter how beautiful, intelligent and talented you are, if you are self-satisfied it is going to make you less caring and inconsiderate which is going to make you unhappy. The reason is that you will begin losing friends even those who mean a lot to you because people do not like to be with those who are inconsiderate but loving, caring and down to earth. Therefore even though you have all the things that make you happy such as money, beauty, intelligence or a hobby, without humility you cannot achieve true happiness.  

Finally is being yourself. Ralph Waldo Emerson has once said, "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." Many people today try to be someone else they are not because they want to fit in the crowd or they think it will make their life happier. However, if we try to change ourselves because we lack confidence in who we are, we slowly loose our identity later finding ourselves becoming slaves to what we see and hear. If we truly want to be happy we must have confidence in being who we are because you cannot be happy by being someone else you are not.

           Today, people are becoming more self-centered. It is why we see many people chasing after things to make them feel happy. But I believe true happiness is not something to be chased after, it is already in us. It is only a matter of whether we choose to bring it out by loving others and being confident of who we are with humility or not. Because in the end of the day, these are ones that no one can take away from us and the things that cannot be taken away from you are the ones that truly count. 

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