Saturday, April 20, 2013

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Is there any families around you that have more than 5 or more family members in the family? Probably it is not easy to find. Then how about ask the same question of your parent or grand parent. You will hear a bit different answer from that you hear before. At the 30 years ago, the family style is mostly composed of big family. But after that thhe world has been changing rapidly and also the life style does too. As the modern life styles change, the traditional big family also changes.

  First in the nuclear family, the each of the family members is more democratic. The relations of both husband and wife and parents and chlidren are composed of democratic relationship differ from extended family that the older and the mand get the more power in the family. This democratic relationship decrease family violence and increase equality of family members and ultimately human equality.

  But the possibility of juvenile behavior problems are easy to increase. As there are little time with parents and children, childrens are easily fell into wrongdoing and therefore being deviant. Also because most of them don't have brothers or sisters, so they lack of responsibility and become selfish.

  In addition, problems of the aged will rise too. In nuclear family family members are not much. For this reason, to support erderly is a financially burden. As a result of the elderly are feeling a sense of alienation, their value of life is easily forgotten in the society. So therefore sometimes they just dead without notice of other family.

  So these three features of nuclear family. As family members become more democratic there are also risks of juvenile problems and the aged problem. All these are happening because the change of family relationship from the past. Family that put importance on tradtional and  ethical worth are changing into more functioning and methodical way. These are the lifestyle of modern trend. 


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