Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yujin Park/ Timed writing/ TUE 9am.

Have you heard about nuclear family? Actually, a few decades ago, we didn't use this word. We just used the word 'family'. However, Nowadays, the word family is divided into two words. Traditional family and nuclear family. Why did these things happen? Today's society has been much changed than before so it made many changes in our life from our work place to family members. So, one of the issues and problems of today is Individualism. Then what are the causes of Individualism and how do they affect to our society?

The first cause of individualism is the development of technology and increasing internet penetration.
Unlike before using the internet, we can do everything we want with the internet, even we can work at home. So, we can usually work or do something much faster than doing with people. In addition, we cannot live without the Internet. Therefore, we have less opportunity to meet people or to do something together. Even, we can find another severe problem caused by increased internet using from children.
For example, the addiction to computer games. Nowadays, children tend to like doing computer games rather than playing on the ground. From time to time, social members is losing their sence of community which was very important thing before.

Second factor is that the number of working couples is increased. Because of the urbanization, many family live in the city away from their grandparents and relatives and live in busy life. This is why the word 'the nuclear family' was made. It's not easy for working couples to visit their relatives so often. At least, they can visit once or twice a year during holidays.
This can be said the cause of individualism and the change of familiy menbers in our society.

By increasing the individualism because of above factors, the influence to our society is not small.
People tend to be ignorant to others. Even, many people don't know who is living in the next door. This thinking makes us be evaluated by the results only(outcomes). People give importance on the outcomes rather than the process. As a result, it can make the conflict betweent the regions like Nimby.

People made much more advanced society than before and this helps us to live more convenient life.
However, it gave us also negative effect like individualism and egoism. It should be considered quickly and we should find the solutions.
The most important thing that we should know is communication. Even though we live the most convenient life with thousands of internet wires and phones, we will realize that living alone is the saddest thing.

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