Sunday, March 31, 2013

ParkYeJee/ process analysis essays/ tue 9a.m.

 our vital work, respiration  


Have you ever played a game that who can endure longer without breathing?

Breathing is very important. Why? Imagine you can't breathe. What happens?

You will die in a few minutes because you can't obtain the energy through the respiration.

Actually respiration is very important for human including animals or anything alive.

 So I am going to deal with how the respiration system works.



There are two kinds of respiration : external respiration and internal respiration. When we are breathing, we inhale and exhale air.

As the air enters the lungs, O2 and CO2 gas exchange takes place and it is called external respiration.

The blood that contains a lot of O2 will go into the tissues. Gas exchange occurring between blood and tissue fluid is called internal respiration.

The incoming oxygen in cells will be used to produce energy and the process is called cell respiration.



It is how the respiration works. You can see many necessary workings take place through the respiration.

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