Friday, May 31, 2013

Hyein Shim/ reaction essay/ tue 9am

A photograph can bring many emotions and feelings to people who are staring it. Even if the characters of a picture are laughing, you can feel sadness, or even anger. Because it depends on your own emotion at that time, not the characters’. So every time I saw the photographs “village school”, and “children’s puppet theatre”, my feeling is really different all the times.


         The photograph “village school” is by Margaret Bourke-White. In this photograph, 13 kids are sitting on the chair, and all they are looking forward. No one is laughing, no one is talking. The background is dark, so it makes children’s faces dark too. Because of this darkness, the characters are really emphasized. This makes audiences focus only on the children.


         The photograph “children’s puppet theatre” is by Alfred Eisenstadt. There are many children and all they are looking forward so it feels like they are staring at you, the audience. This photograph focuses on the children’s facial expression, so the audience can see various kinds of children’s emotion. Some of them seem like laughing, while some look like screaming. The background is bright, so it makes children’s face brighter.


         Although these two pictures’ characters and backgrounds are fixed, my feeling of these pictures is not. It changes. When I saw “village school” three days before with full of happiness, I thought the children look really concentrated on something. Their wrinkled brows made me feel like that way. However when I saw this picture after few days, and I was really stressed, this children looked really upset. The same wrinkled brows brought different feeling. Also the photograph “children’s puppet theatre” brought different kinds of feeling depends on my emotion. At first I thought that the children of this picture are really cute and i felt innocence because of their facial expression. But I felt some noisy after few days because of my stressfulness. So I was surprised how my feelings are changed even though I saw the exact same pictures.


         A picture is just a picture. It doesn’t tell something to us. It just gives the basic information. So if you feel some kinds of feelings from a picture, it may be your own feelings and emotions at that time.

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  1. What I especially like about your writing is your thrid body paragraph, where you mentioned how your feelings on the photographs have changed depending on your emotion. I think it is another creative way to write reaction essay, because it can really show your reaction and feelings that are different from others'. However, I think your first and second body paragraph should include some more detailed description on each photographs..