Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunmin Lee/Teachers/Tue 9am

We meet a lot of teachers in our life. From school teachers to university professors, I've met more than fifty teachers so far. Although not all of them were good teachers, some of them were really good and nice that I won't forget their names forever. They were always passionate about teaching us well and helped us learn other things too.

My English teacher when I was in 8th grade was the best teacher I have ever had. Unlike other teachers at school, she tried new and interesting ways to teach us. "To learn new language is to enjoy other worlds," she said in the first class. She never told us to learn how to get high scores on exams, but to really enjoy learning English and the culture. In her English classes, we learned new expressions or sentences through pop songs or movies. She also let us to read short stories that would help us to improve our reading skills. Thanks to her teaching, I deeply fell in love with English and continued to enjoy studying the language.

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