Saturday, May 11, 2013

Park ye jee/ timed & argumentative essay / tue 9 a.m.

For What Are People Living?


  TIC TOC TIC TOC! "Time is gold." Many people know this proverb and agree with it because they are so busy in doing many things with limited time. Ironically, despite the development of the technology which makes our life convenient or saves our time, we people are getting busier than before and are spending much more time in working. So even a word "workaholic" appeared nowadays. In addition, at lunch time, they go to convenience store and eat instant food to save time. I think people also need to rest as hard as they work for 2 reasons.


   First, they also need to work less and have more leisure time. Too much work causes stress which can result in worsening the body condition. Many people say "To work harder, we also have to take a rest." It means proper break time makes us relaxed from the stress and makes better condition. So it increases the efficiency in working.


   Second, we also should the value of leisure. People live only one time so need to live happily.

If so, what do they have to? It is right only to work much time? It is not the answer for it. By working, they can earn much money. However, money can't bring them happiness. They need to find what is really important in their lives aside from the work. They can spend much more time with their family or friends or can find their hobby or do sports in leisure time. I think these cannot be obtained if we only work. That is why having leisure time is necessary.


    On the other hand, there are many people who value work to earn much money to buy something they need. Of course, in living our life, we need money. But, I want to tell that we live only once, we can't get back the time we have already spent. So we should spend the time as happily as possible and to do so, there are many ways during leisure time without money.



   Therefore, I think by working less and having more leisure time, we can promote the quality of life and live more happily. Only working is like waste of time and damaging our health.

Being sick from too much work is rather worse result, isn't it?



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