Saturday, May 11, 2013

Minah Lee/Argumentative Essay 2nd draft/Tue 9 a.m.

A while ago, a famous Korean singer Jinyoung Park who is known as a hit song maker lost a case of plagiarism. He was sued for plagiarizing Sinil Kim's song, 'to my man'. Since he was at the center of controversy when it comes to plagiarism several times before, he couldn't get past others' criticism. On top of that, he should have protected other song writer's intellectual property before arguing on illegal music downloading. He was the one who also argued about this issue and urge people to protect musicians' intellectual property through legal downloading. In a society where technologies and ideas are growing in importance, intellectual properties should be protected to encourage those who create and to bring a bigger amount of legacy.

Protecting intellectual property can be an effective way to protect people's willingness to create more. People have an instinct of recognition and that becomes a worthy reason to bring more new ideas or make new items. We may all have this type of experienes, feeling bad about being stolen creative ideas on a school project from friends, for instance. In those cases, we get easily discouraged and lose insterest soon. More than that, creators get credits from developing innovative technology or adopting new ideas to the industry. That way, creators have assets and drive to develop further.

Intellectual property is an asset to the society. If we allow using intellectual property without any cost, duplicating or plagiarizing, short-term societal benefits may increase, however they may decrease due to unguaranteed costs for a long term. To maintain social products for market growth, intellectual property must be secured up to a point.

However, we should try to make a clear border on what is plagiarism, copy and using intellectual properties illegally. It is definitely necessary to increase awareness of the importance of protecting intellectual property and the notion as well.

Korean society is far behind the global standard of intellectual property law. Because protecting intellectual property can be advantageous to both an individual and the society as a whole, we should follow well-established rules on intellectual property and raise people's attention and importance on this issue


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