Tuesday, May 14, 2013

JiWon KIm/timed writing/Tue 9 am

A recent YouTube video has been an issue. A Korean-American adoptee, a rapper, uploaded a video and rapped about his longing for birth mother. In the video, he hopes to find her and doesn't blame her on abandonment. Many people that watched it shed tears and posted his video on their SNS to help him look for his real mother. As in this case, many adoptees want to meet their birth family and know about their homeland and roots. So, I think, it is really important for them to find out the identity of their birth parents.


If children realize that they don't resemble their parents in appearance at all, they are very confused and it is difficult to accept or understand this feeling, Even they may grow up feeling anxious, depressed, emotionally detached and socially isolated. If it keeps, they may become rebellious children who get into trouble and go away from the right path. So, adopted parents should tell them that they were adopted and help them to search for identity.


 Next, if these adoptees find their souls, they will have a broad view about the world. They will try to learn a mother tongue and culture or visit to their mother country. After grown up, they may play important role in exchanging two cultures. And also they are proud to share two heritages. I think this open-minded attitude is necessary because we are now living in a multi-cultural society.


 Finally, finding birth parents is their rights. One of the biggest questions the adoptees have is who give birth to them. And they also want to know the reason for abandonment and how their actual parents live now. so they need to find answers to their questions and have the time to understand their actual parents and share feelings each other. After this process, they can make their lives seem richer.


 In these days, many adoptees try to search for real parents through SNS, like facebook, and someone found the twin sister of her on YouTube. Finding birth parents becomes easier thanks to the development of technology. However it is only the effort of personal level. So many organizations to help them are needed and we show continued attention for adoptees.  


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