Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Simmy/Timed Writing/Tue 9am

Are you a workaholic? Nowadays most of the people tend to be workaholics, they work harder and longer in order to earn more money. However, I think it would be better for people to work less and have more leisure time.

 First of all, people who spend too much time on their work are turned out to spend less time with their family. For example, if parents have no time to spend with their children, the gap among them may become deeper and a series of incomprehension may also occur, which is definitely harmful for the children's growth. So, I consider it better that people work less and have more leisure time to spend with their family members.

 Secondly, if people just spend long period of time working mechanically, I can imagine how dull it is! Life shouldn't just be filled with work. On the contrary, it should be colorful by adding more leisure time. You can make use of the leisure time by developing your hobbies, going travelling and so on. I'm sure the abundant experience of life will be the treasure in your memory.

 The last but not least, just by repeating your working, you actually can't benefit much from it. But if you change the way by working less and having more leisure time, you get more time to think. You are able to think about your shortcomings which appear in your work, and then consider how to improve yourself. What's more, you can also think about the goal of your life and how to fulfill it. You actually become more conscious about yourself and are able to make progress by giving yourself more time to think.

 In conclusion, work shouldn't take up most of your lifetime. Instead, you should try to have more spare time. So workaholics! It's time for you to get rid of your sticky work and enjoy your leisure time!


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