Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lo Yun Seo(노윤서)/timed writing/day_9-11am

   If you realize that your parents actually are not your real parents, then what may you do first? In my case, first of all, I might want to know my birth parents. In America, it can be allowed that adopted children find out the identity of their birth parents. I really agree at this American policy because for doing such a thing, the adopted people can be helped to search their own ego. Furthermore, I think identifying their birth parents is a kind of human right that we have to be protected.

   Allowing for the people to find their birth parents helps them to find out themselves. If we can not know this, we may have a number of experiences that makes our ego be confused. As we grow up, we start to focus on ourselves. This means that we try to search our identity. We want to know actually who we are. Furthermore, it is one of the crucial issues in our lives. Then if we do not know our birth parents, it can be a confliction to identify ourselves.

   Furthermore, I believe that the identity of our birth parents is definitely our rights. As we all know, rights means the things that we can do without other people’s approval. Do you think that the person who wants to meet their parents has to get permission from others? Definitely not! I feel that we have a freedom to choose whether we meet our birth parents or not. So if the one decide to find out the identity of their birth parents, we can not deter them.

   These days, some people disagree at this issue. They think that there may be some birth parents who do not want to meet their babies. I quite agree that we also have to protect birth parents. But I believe that the right that adopted children can find out their birth parents much more significant that the birth parents’ privacy. The adopted children do not want to blame them. They just want to know who the birth parent and who they are themselves. So we do not have a right that prevents anybody to search her roots.   

   As I mentioned former, I strongly assert that adopted children can find out the identity of the roots just like American policy. If you still disagree at my point of view, then see a kind of video that adopted young girls try to find out their birth parents keenly crying. If you know their feelings, you may totally agree at my thinkings. They just want to know themselves and their roots. So we must not deter them to identify their birth parents.   

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