Monday, May 13, 2013

Yujin Park/ Timed Writing / Tue 9 a.m.

In famous apartment's Ad, if we forget to turn off the lights or air conditioner, we can turn them off outside of the house. And when we want to close the window, we just say 'close the window'.
When we are too busy to wash the dishes, we can just put them in wash disher.
The things we had imagined long time has become the real things in our lives.
Today, around us, there are so many timesaving devices. It's not just time saving but also labor saving devices. Thanks to them, we can easily do many things effortlessly.
However, it raises a question of whether it really helps us to save the labor and time.
Of course, we can get the conclusion that we are much happier than before thanks to these devices!
Is it true? Are you sure? Because many people live much busier life despite of these devices. Then what's the problem?

Many people live with forgetting the word 'rest' because of their work.
People spend too much time on their job and focus on their job achievement. They hardly spend time on doing hobby or playing with their kids. In Korea, it's much more severe problem.
People cannot get their leisure time despite of time saving devices. We surely consume less time on housework or job but we cannot use this saving time effectively. So having leisure time is one of the most essential thing to resolve this problem.

And computers may be time saving devices, but it's evident that they do give us stress. It means that we get more stress because of time saving devices.
People want to be more and more convenient life, even they tend to depend on their helpful devices.
and it makes them much stressed than before.
And they are too focused on chasing personal gain or profit. That could be one of the reason of this problem.

The most important thing to do is to get some air and take a break to think about our lives.
Because we can live much happier life with our useful and smart devices. However, we are driving ourselves up to busy life.
Even People's dependant to these devices leads the society to materialism.
Therefore, the most important thing in our life is Not our job and achievement But ourselves.

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