Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Minju Yeo/ A Persuasive writing/ Tue 9am

Plagiarism has become a big issue recently. Many singers were in the news, prosecuted for plagiarizing other singers' songs. There are many educations or campaigns preventing plagiarism. However, as information is all over us nowadays, plagiarism is becoming more and more a serious problem.

Plagiarism is considered as a crime. The penalties for plagiarism are not so precise. There are some penalties that are actually applied when the plagiarism is very clear. For instance, if a college student was caught committing plagiarism, the student will be expelled from the school. However, the plagiarism is not punished in small scale.

Also, intellectual property is also a person's asset. People should be noticed that plagiarizing other people's idea is also a stealing others' personal asset.

In short, plagiarism is a big problem in our society now, so people should seek many ways to prevent plagiarism before it gets worse. Plagiarism is clearly a crime, and it's stealing one's personal property.

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