Monday, May 13, 2013

Jong Beom Cho_Timed Essay_Tue 9AM

When I was young it took me six hours to go to my grandfather's house. Now it only takes 3 hours by high speed railway. When I was young I usually the last day at my grandfather's house ended with breakfast and I had to get on the train before noon. But because I can travel much faster, I can leave after spending full day and having a dinner. Likewise, there are many time saving devices that are making our lives affluent.


             Transportation has significantly improved our way of living by not only saving time but increasing accessibility. Before commercial airlines were in service, international travels were difficult. The sheer distance was only minor problem. Geographical obstacles hindered men from traveling to certain region. However, due to development in avionics and maritime navigation, it is now possible to travel any parts of the world quicker than ever. Therefore, people can see and experience many parts of the world. In addition, trades and commerce prosper and we can use products from corners of the Earth. Thus, time saving devices broaden our borders of life and made the Earth a smaller place.


             Convenient devices allowed us to be free from labor. For instance, in the past people had to spend hours spending times on washing their clothes. Nowadays, machines do the job and the time people spend on washing their clothes has decreased significantly. The washing machine not only saved time but freed people from getting their hands wet. Because people use less time and energy on repetitive chores, they can utilize their times to do more productive activities. Therefore, time saving convenient devices like washing machines has made people's life much easier.


             Although time saving devices enriched people's life, there are still skeptics asserting that they made the workload heavier and mad people's life busier. This logic is approaching our life in a very numerical and past centered concept. It is definitely true we can do more work in the same set of time than ten years ago. From the view of ten years ago, this workload is huge but in the current point of view it is normal. We must acknowledge that what are appropriate changes from time to time. In addition, the workload must not be approached in a numerical way. It is the quality of the work that is important. It would be better to work with calculator for eight hours than working with a pencil and your head for four hours.


             Time saving devices is embedded deep down in our society. Sometimes when things are given for granted, we become ignorant and tend to forget how valuable they really are. Time saving devices is like that. It is because of them we have the luxury to discuss whether they are really useful or not. Had not been for them, I would be in the riverside doing my laundry right now.

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  1. I noticed you tried to use many somewhat difficult words in describing certain things, but I think it kind of affected the overall flow of your writing. The main reason for me saying this is because those choice of words didn't integrate too well with the rest of the story. Also, you could have made more reference to the actual topic of "leisure time" rather than putting so much focus on the timesaving devices. Good overall :)