Friday, March 29, 2013

Ahn Sang-wook/process essay/tue 9 am.

We often hear about members of the national assembly in Korea through the news, radio or even your friends besides you. People sometimes encourage them to make the government administrations better, or criticize for their unacceptable misbehaviors as the members of assembly. Against this background, some citizens naturally want to be one of the members for making a better nation. Then what is the way to become the member in Korea?

Firstly, citizens who want to run for the national assembly have to know if they meet requirements for being the member. People have to be over 25 years old and not to be embroiled in any matters which caused them to be an incompetent or a lawbreaker. Next, they have to register to board of elections after they decide what kinds of electoral districts he/she wants to run for. There are two districts. One is a local constituency and the other is a national constituency. They choose one of them. Moreover, they decide to whether they stand as an independent or as a member of parties.

As you expected, secondly, they prepare an election campaign with election pledges they set to attract voters. However, the key is the possibility of translating pledges into concrete actions. And, the regulations of the election campaign are significantly complicated. Therefore, candidate should be careful whenever they go campaigning whether what they are doing is against the election law or not. For example, conduct a "red-card campaign" to prevent ineligible candidates from being elected in the elections. The things I mentioned above look difficult but an electioneering office will be always with you to help you out!

In the end, it's time to vote and open the ballot box and some candidates will be elected. In regard to voting, all nations except for several countries have four principles of voting: A secret ballot, a direct election, a popular election and an equal election. Through the four principles, elected person can absolutely represent citizens.

All of us can become a member of the national assembly. To be one of them is not something special where only few people, especially high-income or high-class people, can do. We can become one of them who serve for citizens by suggesting the laws for them or keeping the government in check. So, don't be afraid and just follow steps!

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