Saturday, March 30, 2013

Seonyoung Hwang_Volcano Eruption(P.58)_9 A.M.

Volcano Eruption


     Have you heard of an island called 'Atlantis'? According to some researchers, this wealthy and powerful island had boasted its glorious civilization thousands years ago but disappeared overnight due to the volcano eruption and earthquakes. Volcano eruption is caused due to the diastrophism and usually accompanied by earthquakes. Then, what makes a volcano erupt? The procedure of volcano eruption can be divided into three parts.

     To begin with, according to Plate Tectonics, plates(or mantles) compose the continents of the earth. These plates continuously move and end up being crashed against each other. Then, the heat caused by the friction forms magma, molten liquid that is beneath the crust of the earth.

     Next, when magma is formed, it contains both liquid and gas. When they're blended together, they tend to rise. As soon as the magma seeks out weak spot of the surface, it starts erupting out.

     Finally, the magma flows out on the surface of the earth. When it erupts out to the top, it's called 'lava'. This is called 'volcano eruption' and it is often followed by earthquakes. When volcano erupts, it usually involves not only lava and earthquakes but also steam, ash, hot groundwater, and igneous stones.

     Volcano eruption does include many procedures to eruption. It is the result of unceasing movement of internal part of the earth. As the case of Atlantis, natural disaster such as volcano eruption cannot be prevented. However, if we fully understand the steps how volcano erupts, we may be able to consider possible ways to deal with it from taking many people's lives.

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