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Park Hyunbae / Festival / Tue 9am


 Jarasum International Jazz Festival


 200801424 Park Hyunbae, EIT


People get tired, bored, and even exhausted in their daily lives. So they want to catch any opportunity to get amused, interested, and driven out of the box that makes their lives dull. One of the solutions to escape from mundane routine is to enjoy listening to music. You can enjoy music by attending a live concert or simply by plugging in a pair of earphones. Many Koreans who love to enjoy music often take the opportunity to attend a live music festival and out of those many music festivals I want to have some discussion about Jarasum International Jazz Festival.


Jarasum International Jazz Festival is one of many Korean music festivals. It began since 2004. It is held in Jarasum of Gapyeong, Gyunggi-Province. The name of Jarasum is derived from the shape of the island which resembles a Jara, a kind of turtle in Korean. The festival continues through three days, and on each day, there's a line-up of the day so you can chose what day you would go to the festival, or even it is possible to enjoy all three days. And it's just fine if you don't have enough money to buy a ticket; in that case, all you need is only the transportation costs because there're some stages to enjoy for free!


The concept of the festival is jazz, but there're some interesting parts in the festival itself; there's an annual concours to pick out some great, unknown artists! The concours began since 2007. It has produced many noticeable rookies. And also there're camp sites for those who want to enjoy though all three days there. But that's not all. The performances aren't held just only on the stages! Outside the stage sites, across the island, there're ittle concerts here and there; even it's for free just like a kind of street performances. People can feel the free air from the music around to the blue sky view. People all around have their own free, happy time with the music, and with their people together.


With the name of jazz, anyway, the festival gets the importance of holding the good performers. In fact, the planning team for the festival is busy itself in casting great jazz artist. The performers are very various with their styles. The festival's musical spectrum stretches over its style from standard jazz to fusion. In 2012, even John Scofield, one of the great jazz heroes, came to play! There come many jazz artists as soloists, orchestral bands, trio, quartets, and so on, with their only styles.


There are many famous music festivals around the world already. In the past, we didn't have any big cultural festival. But now with the help of the people who have concerns about the cultural foundation, there came many festivals in Korea and the Jarasum Festival became one of the world-wide famous jazz festivals. Now we can taste the jazz of quality at the live more easily than ever. I hope the existing festivals to be more widely known and one of festivals people want to go to enjoy, and also hope new original festivals to come out for the local people and the others. For that, I think it's the best step to have much interest in the cultural fields.

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