Saturday, March 30, 2013

Yujin park/ volcanic eruption/ TUE 9am.

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What makes a volcano erupt?
Whenever People think about Volcanoes, they describe it as huge natural disaster. The eruption of Volcano has much deadly impact than we imagine. Sometimes, it can create new island. furthermore, An island can be disappered because of it.
Also, it makes the highest mountain in Korean Peninsula, Beakdu mountain. On the other hand, the ancient city was totally destroyed and thousands were killed since volcano erupted.
Then what makes such fearful volcano erupt? What the main reason of this frightened or omnificent volcano's eruption?

The widely known reason is the unnaturaly high pressures in the Earth. The heat and pressure in mantle makes rocks melt and it forms magma. So magma in Earth encounters high Density materials Until it reaches to The surface of Earth. Therefore, volcanic eruption occurs. There are two forms of eruption, one is lava flow and the other is explosion.

Also, the eruption can be explained by the Released gasses. The magma contains dissolved components like water and carbon dioxide.
Magma decreased its pressure and it rises up towards the crust. so the gasses are released.
Therefore, it rises up to tectonic plate. The pressure of released gases is the Second reason of volcanic eruption.

The volcanic eruption is caused by the injection of new magma. I read about it in the book, the researcher said when th new magma enters, the pressure is increased so it makes magma more active. That could be another reason of volcanic eruption.

Whenever we have problem, we try to figure out what the reasons are. In case of volcanic eruption, Although we have exact geological reason, We hardly prevent this terrible natural disaster. What is the most effective solution to prevent it? We should try to find out what's the main solution to prevent this. I know it's not possible now However for the next generation, we MUST prevent catastrophes like Pompeii.

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