Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dayoung Park/volcano eruption/Tue 9am

   There are many things human cannot deal with, and most of them are natural disasters. Of all, volcano eruption cannot be predicted easily than any other disasters because it takes very long time for a volcano to erupt. And there should be several steps to erupt a volcano.

   First, there should be vapor steam around volcano. It has different pressure from original atmosphere there, so it makes vibration in the air. And it causes rocks to fall downside. 

   Second, seething puddle is found out. the vapor steam goes near the outer layer, and it can make the puddle boiling up. As the puddle seethes, the land gets swinging. And as times goes by, its vibration will be stronger.

  Last, a crater is observed that it makes smoke. The movement of land lasts to the top of the volcano. Over there, eventually, the smoke appears. And then, magma is erupted as a shape of lava.

   So, the volcano eruption can be told that it has four stages. Volcano has vapor steam, seething puddle should be found, and a crater also should be observed. All these stages can be seen for so long time. So we always shouldn't forget about the danger of volcano eruption. It may be progress near the place you live in now.

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