Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jungin Rhee/ Festival/ Tue 9am

 On the way home, the song 'Cherry blossom ending' is played in the bus. This song was a big hit last year because the lyrics describes exactly what people feel when the season turning into spring from winter, feelings like excitement, thrill, joy. This song won the top on Korean pop music again, recently. It tells us that spring has come and people love cherry blossom.


 Spring is the season that many flowers starts to show their beautifulness. Like the song 'Cherry blossom ending', the cherry trees are staple for spring. So, the spring becomes more affluent with the festival called "Cherry blossom Festival". Many places host this festival, but, Yeouido, Seoul is the famous place for this festival. The festival celebrates five days, usually first or second week of April. In Yeouido, cherry trees are blooming along the river, lined with about 1,500 cherry trees. It is great to stroll next to Han River. It is like a pink clouds, or a tunnel of the awesome cherry trees. At first, Yeouido only celebrates for the blossom of the cherry trees, however, the size of the festival grew and lots of events are added to this.


You can enjoy this festival to the fullest since there are lots of cultural events. There are contests for the writings and poems. Also, poetry reading is opening. These events are opening on the first day of the festival. Except these events, most of the events are last through the festival ends. The activities for calligraphy and handicraft is good for enjoying the traditional Korean culture. Also the activity which makes home-brewed liquor. There is special photo zone for people. Not only the cherry trees, you can see various spring flowers in this festival.


Because many people are getting to enjoy this festival, Yeouido controls the traffic temporarily for the period this festival held. When I was young, I went to this festival with my family. It was also the day for our family reunion. Our family enjoy this festival walking near cherry trees, putting flowers in hair, eating cotton candy. It would be a great memory for family. Since people feel much more excited and expects some romance, this festival, it cannot be emphasized enough that this festival is for the couples. You can see many couples at this festivals. After walking around the beautiful cherry trees, taking lots of pictures, they sit down on the grass near the Han River, eat lunch box which they prepared at home.


If you want to enjoy the start of spring with beautiful flowers blossoming, this cherry blossom festival is the answer. It can give you memorable experiences. Cherry trees colored in pink and white, make us feel comfortable. Also the landscape of this festival is awesome, so you could take many beautiful pictures.


  1. 1. Does the essay have a thesis statement that identifies the process?
    ( “At first, Yeouido only celebrates for the blossom of the cherry trees, however, the size of the festival grew and lots of events are added to this.” – it shows that the festival grow much larger than before.)

    2. Does the writer include background information?
    (Yeouido is the most famous place and it celebrates five days in first or second week of April.)

    3. Does each paragraph present a different part of the process?
    (Not the exact process of enjoying the festival, but writer describes about the festival and the experiences.)

    4. Do the body paragraphs have any facts, definitions, or details? Tell the writer if any of these supporting details aren’t sufficient.
    (“Also the activity which makes home-brewed liquor.” – if you explain this sentence more specifically, it would be much clear to understand.)

    5. Does the writer include an evaluation, recommendation, or warning in the conclusion?
    (Recommendation – the writer recommend to visit Cherry Blossom Festival.)

  2. 1.I think the writer focused on the festival rather than the process.

    2.The writer includes background info by mentioning Yeouido which is the most popular cherry blossom seeing sight.

    3.The author has put information, culture, her own experience in the body paragraph instead of focusing on the process.

    4.The writer mentions several times about the beauty of the festival. It would be better if she had elaborated more about the beauty for those who are not familiar with the festival.

    5.She recommended that we should visit the festival in Spring.

  3. I'd have to say your topic about the "cherry blossom festival" was an interesting one. The hook, where you used a song as an example, was really effective and a nice way to start the essay. How you divided the body into three parts and wrote about some aspects in relation to the festival (which I forgot to do in mine) was effective in grabbing my attention as the story went on. Besides a few grammatical errors, I think your essay was very interesting and a well-written piece of writing. Good job :)