Saturday, March 30, 2013

Minah Lee/Volcanic Eruption/Tue9AM

           One day when I visited and pay my respects at my respects at great-grand parents, I happened to see a fire on the other side of the mountain. That was my first time I've ever seen a fire actually happened and I was almost about to cry, terrified by the threatening scene. When I hear of volcanic eruption, I can't even imagine how tremendous it would be. By watching it on the news doesn't make me get the feel of it a bit. Below is the process of the volcanic eruption from the magma created in the ground and eruption to the surface through cracks of the ground.

             First, eruption of magma is due to the gas inside the magma in the ground. Magma is in a liquid state created deep in the ground like a jelly but it contains gas and other substances. Second, volatile substances in the magma become volcanic gas and the rest creates a volcano made of lava flowing in the ground and pyroclastic debris.

Afterwards, when magma is formed, magma rises gradually by getting low density than nearby rocks. Next, rising magma is pressured by surrounding rocks. However, when Magma ascends, pressure of the magma decreases and pressure of the gas run in the magma gets low, soaring upwards just like opening a shaken cola.

             After that, these bubbles put pressure on the surface of the ground which is covering the magma. Finally when the surface can't bear that power, magma comes out through weak parts of the ground. At times, volcano is created by lava flowing on the surface slowly. At another time, it is created by grand explosion, pyroclastic flow coming out to the ground.

              It is such a rare occurrence that one can see a volcanic eruption in one's life. Even though it is significant hard to experience, people should be aware of the concept of the volcanic eruption and its benefits and dangerousness as well.



  1. I can't believe you actually saw a volcanic eruption in real life, so I think that really makes it a "special occasion" from your perspective. Maybe you could have included a bit more of your personal experience about actually seeing the volcanic eruption and gave a detailed summary of how it felt to be in that situation (I think personal stories are always more effective in stories). How can you make your hook to be a bit more catchy? Anyways, good work :)

    1. I think you misread my story, I actually saw a fire, not a volcanic eruption. Anyway, thank you for your advice.