Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hyein Shim/ Process essay/ tue 9am

               Recently, I heard the news about Baekdu Mountain. It was about the possibility of Baekdu's volcanic eruption and that was 99% in twenty years. I was so shocked that I can be a victim of the eruption because the mountain Baekdu is located in North Korea, and I live in South Korea. I thought I have to prepare about eruption but unfortunately, I had nothing to do with right now. So I just wanted to study about the process of volcanic eruption. The process of volcanic eruption is very complicated and has differences in various conditions, but the essence is simple. It is all about "magma."


              First, magma is created. The earth has high temperature and pressure when goes deeper and deeper to ground. With these high temperature and pressure, the rock cannot maintain its shape then eventually, melting. This is how magma created and it is the first step of volcanic activity.


             Next, magma rises. Magma is mixture of liquid and gas. When liquid and gas are heated, their volume getting bigger and their weight became lighter. It is the key point of why magma rises. Because the ground is hot, also magma itself is hot, magma cannot bare this hot condition and finally moves to the surface of ground from the underground.


             Finally, magma erupts. After magma goes out from the earth's crust, it is divided into liquid and gas. The liquid part is became "lava" and it flows through the ground. Before lava came out, some extraordinary phenomenons could be watched, for example, the earthquakes occurred, water temperature became higher, and neighboring lakes acidified. After magma erupted and lava flowed, then it becomes the real volcanic eruption.


             Volcanic eruption can be explained simply with magma, but in real world, it is not that simple thing. It can destroy your friends, families, and all over the country. If you don't want to lose your people, start with a small step - have some knowledge of the volcanic eruption.

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